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How can Debt Solutions Hub help you?

Debt Solutions Hub offers qualified advice from multiple practitioners. You want to ensure that you receive the right advice when it comes to your debt and Debt Solutions Hub assures this. All practitioners are committed to providing the appropriate advice for all clients. It is a given that all practitioners will work with your best interests at heart. You will be provided with the most thorough, honest, and simple debt advice and will get the chance to work closely with whoever is handling your case.

Common Debt Advice Issues

Directors of companies may experience difficulties with creditors. Debt solutions have years of experience in negotiations and agreements with creditors. Options available to you may include delaying bailiffs, postponing, or bringing a stop to the winding-up process. If further assistance is required, then Debt Solutions Hub can refer you to a solicitor or an accountant for further debt advice. Acting early is the main advice when dealing with debt, this will provide more options for you. Failure to pay Crown debts will lead to serious consequences. Alternative options for dealing with debt include refinancing, invoice factoring or, alternatively, insolvency rescue options such as a company voluntary arrangement. Debt Solutions Hub can assist you with all of these options.

Liquidation Advice

When it comes to compulsory liquidations the process may be initiated by the shareholders of a company or creditors. A winding-up petition is a serious matter and Debt Solutions Hub will ensure that you are given advice as quickly as possible to keep up with the short timeline. If your company has received a statutory demand and you are unable to pay the debt you must contact a practitioner as soon as possible to receive liquidation advice. It may only be a matter of weeks before your company will be forced to cease to trade or bank accounts frozen. Debt Solutions Hub may also offer advice for voluntary liquidation, this is used in circumstances where the company cannot be rescued. Once it has been placed in liquidation the trade will cease and directors will no longer have the power of the company.

If you would like to find out further information on the services that we offer, why not visit us at our Liquidation page or maybe just learn more about us as a company!

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