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Negative Interest – Positive for business?

Forced into lockdown by the Coronavirus pandemic, the world economy will, according to Gita Gopinath the International Monetary Fund’s chief economist, face it’s worst recession since the 1930’s with an estimated 3% contraction globally. In the UK, GDP slumped by 5.8% in March, a record fall and Bank of England deputy governor Andy Haldane predicted […]

Benefits of Engaging with Suppliers/Stakeholders

During these unprecedented times of uncertainty surrounding businesses, it is now more important than ever that you continue dialogue with your existing suppliers and stakeholders. The Covid-19 pandemic is not a valid excuse to simply ignore creditors and suspend payments. If your suppliers are not being paid, they are likely to run into cashflow difficulties […]

Covid-19 Practical steps to help your business survive

These are unprecedented times with many businesses being forced to suspend trading and shut their doors as we wait out the viral pandemic. The Government has introduced a number of measures to assist businesses through these times, but the inevitable flood of applications has led to many experiencing significant delays before funds arrive. Faced with […]

Suspension of Wrongful Trading Claims – Be Aware of the Pitfalls

In view of the current coronavirus pandemic the Government is looking to amend current insolvency legislation providing additional protection enabling businesses to continue trading, in an attempt to prevent mass failures – leading to a significant rise in unemployment. As part of their plan – unveiled by the Business Secretary, Alok Sharma, at the weekend […]